NTT East - IPA Thin Telework System HTML5 Web Client

Welcome to 'NTT East - IPA Thin Telework System HTML5 Web Client'.
HTML5 Web Client enables you to connect to your workplace PC's Windows desktop from your home PC's web browser through internet.
Mac and Chromebook PCs are supported as your home PC. You can use pure web browser without any special application installed.

    Wake on LAN Function  
  • The "Thin Telework System Server" App can be downloaded here for Windows PCs on the workplace side (server side).
    When you install the app at work, your Computer ID will be assigned.
    You can connect from home to the workplace PC by opening this web page on your home PC and entering your work Computer ID in the field above.


The following should be changed only if specifically necessary. Some options are only available if the server you are connecting to is running in "system mode".

If this option is enabled, the screen drawing speed may be reduced.

If this option is enabled, WebP will always be used. This may consume a lot of network bandwidth, and if you do not have enough bandwidth or CPU speed, the drawing speed may decrease. Please try to turn it on and off. This function is not available in some older browsers.

If this option is enabled, the screen drawing speed may be reduced.

If this option is disabled, the screen will be displayed at full size and scroll bars will be displayed. Attempting to turn ON/OFF when the server is running in "User Mode" and the resolution of the remote and local screens are different may result in more comfortable operation.

When this option is enabled, resizing multiple times may cause drawing errors and disconnections. If this is the case, please disable it. Also, the "Automatically Scales Screen Size to Fit Browser Window Size" option must be enabled.


When using NLA authentication, the user name and password are transmitted via SSL encrypted communication to the web server hosting this web client. In this case, the web server administrator can, in principle, retrieve the plaintext of the password. Use NLA authentication only if the web server you are connecting to is a trusted server.


The HTML5 version of the client is unable to obtain a MAC address due to web browser security restrictions.
If the client MAC address authentication is enabled on the server side, please specify the virtual MAC address manually instead.





 Power On Function of Target Workplace PC by Wake on LAN


You can use the Wake on LAN function to turn on the power of the target PC.

The Wake on LAN function must be enabled in the settings of the Thin Telework System Server you are connecting to.

You have to input the target Computer ID from This Computer ID Input Field on the Top of This Page.